Reflections on Malaysia

I knew from the start that my first trip to Malaysia would be filled with novelties when the attendants on my overnight flight inundated the cabin space with bug spray. Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur took just under 13 hours, during which time my concerns about what could go wrong became increasingly intense. Relief slowly crept in when I discovered upon debarking that the airport’s Malay signs all had English translations, although I did attempt to learn a few native words beforehand (Tandas = Toilet is all I can remember now).

Ten Things to Do in Oxford

I’ve heard stories of tourists arriving in Oxford and asking the seemingly innocent question of where the university is. The answer: everywhere! However, if the world-famous city were only a centre of academic excellence, I doubt that I would’ve survived three years there as an undergraduate. For the prepared visitor, there is way more than just the chance to look at old buildings and walk the same paths as notable alumni. Here are ten of the best things to do in the so-called “City of Dreaming Spires”: