Escape the Bubble: Pitlochry at Large

Pitlochry is a small and bustling town nestled in Highland Perthshire. It’s characterful and colourful, and the two hour drive is well worth it for a change of scene. What makes Pitlochry such a great destination, is that the surrounding area provides something to suit everyone’s interests.

Escape the Bubble: Running Routes

The start of spring is fast approaching. Creme eggs, malteaser bunnies and Easter eggs are already appearing in the shops, and our days are getting ever longer. Spring is my favourite season in St Andrews because our daylight hours seem to continue forever, last April I remember setting out on a walk at 8pm expecting it to be dusk by the time I was back; at 9, when I returned home, the sun was still up.

Escape the Bubble: The World’s a Stage

One of the things I love about St. Andrews, is that you end up finding your favourite Fife locations through the unlikeliest of ways. For me, my love of theatre, has opened up the areas surrounding the town in a new way.

Crete: Reading Week Roaming

It’s just my luck that in my fourth year at St Andrews, Reading Week has only just been reintroduced.  Despite my dissertation looming I couldn’t resist the temptation of using the time to escape and clear my head. In early September I was browsing Expedia for good holiday deals and to my great excitement I managed to find flights and accommodation for a week in Crete for just £200. Realising it was probably the last sun I would see for seven months, I decided to treat myself.

Escape the Bubble: Adventure Guide

October is looming and deadlines are slowly starting to appear on the horizon. The bubble seems to be getting smaller as workloads increase and we settle back into a routine that incorporates the Library, Pret, cake from Cottage Kitchen and many meetings in the Union. Time to escape?  I think so.