Play on: Reviewed

It’s Wednesday evening. I’ve made it halfway through the Shakespeare festival, and the last week of classes, and I’m not sure which is more stressful. I’ve already seen multiple “innovative re-workings” of Shakespeare scenes. All I want to do is chill out, maybe with a cup of tea, or a cookie. So I walk into Rector’s, but no, the Shakespeare festival has made it here, too. It was too late, I had already ordered tea. There was nowhere to run. Luckily, Play On provided a relaxed, pleasing performance.

Sonnets and Soliloquies: Reviewed

Spring in St Andrews is a beautiful time, when it’s not raining or gusting to such a degree that it’s knocking over the skinnier members of the student body. And yet, so often we need an excuse to go even as far as the Botanic gardens, because when your world is 3 streets, a 15-minute walk becomes akin to a marathon. Sonnets and Soliloquies, part of the Shakespeare Festival, has provided that excuse. By filling the gardens with kernels of Shakespearean drama and poetry, Sonnets and Soliloquies added artistic verve and a sense of exploration to a sunny afternoon in the garden.

Preview: Doctor Faustus

On the Rocks, the arts festival currently running here in St Andrews, can be a stressful time for many in the artistic community. There is, after all, a lot going on this week. One such event is Doctor Faustus, Christopher Marlowe’s take on the classic story of the dire consequences of a deal with the devil. Alexander Gillespie, co-director of the play, showing this Thursday and Friday, the 7th and 8th, in the Union, may be feeling that OTR stress. At least, that would explain the nature of his responses.

Preview: The Smirths

In March of each year, Blind Mirth, St Andrews very own improv troupe/internationally competitive luge team, open a book. But it’s not their usual book, the one with a list of improv games you’d think they’d be able to remember. It’s a notebook. Or more realistically, a Mac Book, but I wasn’t there. The point is, that in this book, these masters of non-written jokes find themselves drafting sketches. The Smirths is this year’s edition of Mirth’s annual sketch show, going up in the Byre this Sunday, the 3rd of April. And if the sketches are as good as the press packet I’m shamelessly lifting jokes from, then The Smirths will certainly be the comedy event of this Sunday, the 3rd of April.