Kellie Consort Reviewed

After many months of planning, August 1st marked the debut of University Organist Tom Wilkinson’s new Kellie Consort. The new Consort is Scotland’s only pre-professional baroque ensemble and takes its name from the 6th Earl of Kellie, composer, Thomas Erskine (1732-81). With music of the Baroque era often being underplayed, the Consort endeavours to spread this unique form to a wider audience around the country. This process began in St Salvator’s Chapel before the group transferred to Glasgow’s St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral and Old St Paul’s Church, Edinburgh on subsequent nights.

May Ball 2015: Review

On Saturday night, Kinkell Byre sparkled with the lights of the annual May Ball as hundreds of St Andrews students descended upon that lofty hill overlooking our picturesque town. While the time-consuming bus transfers may be irritating and at times disorganised, the ability to leave town for an evening is always welcomed. As the last ball of the academic year and the last general black tie event before the advent of exams, May Ball is a unique occasion that permits the student population to dance off their cares and worries for one last time before returning to haunt the library.

May Ball 2015: Preview

With coursework deadlines reached and classes coming to a close, the arduous prospect of exams is on the minds of all in the St Andrews community. However, spring has sprung and it is time for one last night of fun and extravagance before the trials and tribulations of the exam season descend. The Kate Kennedy Club, this year presents their renowned May Ball at Kinkell Byre on May 2nd following on from May Dip.

Model Behavior: Festive Makeup 2014

The deadline-filled semester is slowly drawing to a close and the word on everyone’s lips is ‘Christmas.’ The time is fast approaching for us to return home and be welcomed back into the folds of our loving families. Christmas is a family season, thus the perfect time to show off how the freedom we experience in St Andrews is put to use. I always find that the Christmas season is the optimum time to experiment with new makeup looks, sparkle and be the belle of the ball! Forget blending into the crowd, now is the time to light up the room with these simple but effective looks for the most important days of the holiday.

St Andrews Voices Festival

Now in its third year, St Andrews Voices Festival, organised by locally-born Sonia Stevenson and the university’s Music Director Michael Downes, returned to the town in resplendent glory this October. A combination of concerts, workshops and more eclectic entertainments such as the ‘Rufflets Cream Tea With Jazz” were blended together, drawing world-renowned musicians and local performers alike. With many university musicians performing and several university venues being used, the student body was at the very heart of this festival.