Art Auction: Culture Y

Culture Y is a St Andrews students organization dedicated to creating interesting and innovative art based events for the St Andrews community.

Escape the Bubble: Switzerland by Train

Switzerland is only a two hour flight from Edinburgh. Once you get there, you can traverse the entirety of the country easily and cheaply. Switzerland has one of the best rail networks in the world, allowing you to see the splendors of the natural landscapes and the cityscapes as well. From snowcapped mountains and shimmering lakes to quaint little towns and cosmopolitan cities, here is my recommended route to see it all:

Portugal: A Personal Personality

If you are considering traveling during Independent Learning Week, I highly recommend going to Portugal. Portugal has personality: the culture is vibrant; the natural vistas are breath-taking; and the streets have so much history. Portugal’s charm is varied but vast – whether you go to the urban wonderland of Lisbon, or the earthly paradise known as the Algarve, the cobblestone streets and colourful tiles smile and the sun will wink as it sets into the sea. It’s as if every piece of the scenery is nodding at you when you walk past. That’s how personal Portugal feels – and it will put a constant smile on your face.

China: Look Out for the Overlooked

As the world’s most populous country, it is hard to imagine that China would have frontier lands. Despite its vast number of residents and the hundreds of millions of tourists per year, there are still remote parts of China that are untouched by mass tourism. While visiting Beijing, Shanghai and climbing the Great Wall are absolute musts, there are other places that are far more mesmerizing.

Thailand: Spend Less and Gain More

Amidst lotus blossoms and the drifting scents of incense, I spent my last spring break in Zen with Buddhists monks in the North of Thailand and on the pristine sands of the South. Thailand is a place of rare wonders where beaches jungles, and temples abound. It is overflowing with the richness of bright turquoise waters, deep green forests, and lavish precious gems sprinkled on holy sites. But surprisingly, Thailand can be seen for a bargain. Here is why the country is a must visit spot, and all the secrets to exploring affordably.

Australia: Music in Melbourne

Everyone is in need of music. Every inch of us is affected by certain melodies; whether one reacts to acoustics or hard-core rock – melodies that flow through our fingers, make our limbs quiver, our heads sway, our lips tremble. I find music especially powerful when I’m traveling. I associate most songs with different memories, many of which have come from my travels. Some songs intensify moments – watching the sunset over water, visiting a cathedral, camping out in the desert; songs can help us appreciate the small wonders of the world and help us preserve the most significant memories of our lives. On my gap year, I spent two months in Australia and found their culture of music to be happily all pervasive.

Travel Ideas for Every New Year’s Resolution

Time sped by us quickly again – already back in a new year. I never make New Year’s Resolutions, but many people do, and I hope that with these travel suggestions, you may accomplish yours while embarking on travel to exciting new places.