St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament: Reviewed

As we are now well into the season of spring, the St Andrews Polo Club held their annual Charity Polo Match this past Saturday. The event, held on Errol Park Estate, was a perfect escape from the bubble and a good way to celebrate the end of coursework deadlines. I have not been to a polo match before; however, after hearing great things of the last few tournaments I thought I would give it a shot. I can honestly say I have never been to or experienced an event like it.

Don’t Walk: At the top of their game

From the first teasers of this year DONT WALK had my attention. Having attended the show in the past, I was familiar with the previous performances and thought that I had a general idea of what to expect.  Upon entering the gates of Cambo Estate the excitement and suspense of what was to come of the night was very much notable amongst guests. In fact, this year DONT WALK has bought both suspense and excitement to the St Andrews social calendar through the advertising of their rebranding and relocation of the annual event.

The Rise of the Don’t Walk Empire

In 2001 a new student run fashion show graced the St Andrews fashion scene. Founded by a group of multicultural students as a direct response to the 9 / 11 terror attacks. Youthful and innovative, the show intended to encapsulate the cosmopolitan nature of New York City, defiant in the face of a tragedy. From this noble beginning one of the most anticipated events in the St Andrew’s calendar flourished. But what we can expect from the fashion show powerhouse this year?

Live and Let Dance: Reviewed

Many events in St Andrews get sold out in the first few minutes they are released. However, there are also a number that do not get enough recognition at all just because they belong to smaller societies. This past weekend I attended Dance Societies Ball, ‘Live and Let Dance’ and I was very impressed with what was to offer.

Don’t Walk 2016: Reviewed

After the success of the previous fashion shows I was curious to find out how DONT WALK was going to stand out from the others. With a string of excellent events held both last semester and this semester, DONT WALK’s annual fashion show in Kinkel Byre had a lot to live up to. As always, they did not let us down.

Preview: RAG Week 2016

This will be my third RAG week in St Andrews and I am happy to say it is looking to be the biggest and most exciting RAG week in St Andrews history. With around 50 events and 15 headlining events, RAG 2016 and over 40 societies have come together to bring St Andrews a RAG week to remember.

Top 5 Coffee Shops to Revise in

With revision in full flow, I’ve put together a handy little guide of the top 5 coffee shops to study in. There are many coffee shops in St Andrews; however, these are my top 5 and when in need of a change I usually rotate through these 5 coffee shops.

Women in the Arts: Reviewed

St Andrews’ all girl A cappella group, ‘The Accidentals’ and the charity, ‘Women for Women’ combined their efforts to bring us St Andrews’ second annual ‘Women in the Arts’, showcasing a variety of different types of art forms including dancing, poetry and singing!

DONT WALK Launch Party : Reviewed

The DONT WALK committee officially launched their 2016 campaign on Thursday night. When I first heard about the invite only event, I was a little apprehensive of the idea, however; upon arriving at the event I realised that this idea of exclusivity was not a bad thing as the evening ended up having an intimate feel to it.