St. Andrews’ Confessions: The Washing Machine Debacle

It started at a friend’s 20th birthday, pre-drinking perhaps a little more than usual, and celebrating meeting an important deadline for my course. As the house party wore on (and I became more and more inebriated) I joined in on a movement to take the party to the Lizard for some dancing, cheesy music, and general shenanigans. In a typical display of poor judgment, I decided I wasn’t NEARLY drunk enough to properly enjoy the Lizard, and poured about a quarter litre of vodka into a bottle of lemonade and took it to enjoy en route.

Ginger in St Andrews: a year

It’s a little known fact but being a redhead in St Andrews is almost as bad as being a Mars bar in KFB, just waiting for that drunken student to pluck you off the shelf and ask for you to be fried. The phrasing of this metaphor might be a little confusing for you regular-hair-coloured people, so I’ll explain. We too, us gingers, are fried and burnt… by sun soaked September days and cruel winds swirling up from the North Sea. Whilst the rest of you might rejoice at the temperature rising above 9˚C, we gingers despair, choosing to huddle together for sun-fearing solidarity in sheltered spots among the library stocks. 

Meet The Parents

Meeting the parents of your partner for the first time is always a daunting prospect. Factor in cultural differences and language barriers, and it’s hard to keep the butterflies at bay for that first weekend visit. Going to stay with my Filipino boyfriend’s parents for the first time is an experience I will never forget.