The St Andrews Ball: Reviewed

Drawing on the success of the 600th Ball last year, the Fellowship of St Andrews have proved themselves to be formidable event convenors. But last night was just the beginning! In addition to providing a night of merriment, the ball makes possible an entire weekend of completely free events that celebrate the Bubble and everyone in it. If last year was any indication, they are definitely not to be missed!

St Andrews Ball Preview

Following the success of the 600th Finale Ball, The Fellowship of St Andrews has decided to transition the once in a lifetime event into a regular occurrence. Perfect news for those of you who didn’t want to wait 100 years for the next one! This year promises to blend the old favourites with as many modern surprises as the 600th Ball provided. The only thing better than the 600th Ball could be, well, the 601st Ball.

Bongo 2014: Reviewed

This year’s Bongo Ball was more anticipated than ever. A strong marketing campaign, complimented with an un-missable presence in St Andrews, drew our expectations for this colourful and unique evening to new heights.

Behind the Bongo Ball

There’s not many events in St Andrews that have so successfully put the charity that they support behind everything they do. And Bongo Ball is definitely one of the few that have succeeded in doing so. When Owl Eyes covered the ball last year, we definitely were’t kidding when we concluded the review with; “If you didn’t go to Bongo, you really missed out” This unique, colourful, and verging on crazy, evening has been so successful, in raising money for the Xavier Project, that they’re now beginning to branch out to other universities; definitely something that those organising the ball should be proud of.