The Blender Reviewed

The Blender was a step away from any other Refreshers or RAG Week event. The elegance of the newly-reonvated Byre theatre set the ambience for an event of truly polished young musical talent, put together by Jazz Scotland and Fife Jazz week. Artists from all over Scotland – including St Andrews – gathered for a musical collaboration like no other. It was wonderful to have such incredible music brought here, rather than traveling to a city centre.

The Blender Preview

If you’re looking for a groovy way to spend your Saturday night, look no further. Tonight the Byre theatre is hosting an event hosted in association with Jazz Scotland as a part of the Fife Jazz Festival. The Blender is a late night theatre take over, offering a mixture of live soul, funk, fusion and jazz. Whether you’re in need of a bit of dancing, a chilled weekly de-stress or simply want to come down to experience some music talent, the night promises to have you jiving till the wee hours.

Biannual Creative Lock-in: Reviewed

In a dimly lit Barron Theatre, illuminated by spotlight and fairy light, the creatives gathered. The biannual creative lock-in, hosted by the Arts Society, began late Saturday evening and ran through to the twilight hours of Sunday morning (for those with the stamina). Promising a night of writing, still life, music, nudey artistry and any other tool of creativity, this event is certainly like no other.

MiL present Hidden Sounds: Reviewed

Music is Love presented Hidden Sounds, the opportunity to retreat away from reading and essays for a night, and instead enjoy some beautiful melodies in a completely unrevealed location. And what an adventure it was, as we departed on a mystery trip into the darkness, to the world that we sometimes forget exists beyond Saint Andrews.

Vintage Collective Reviewed

I spent my Saturday morning drinking coffee and browsing through the retro attire of yesteryear. The Vintage Collective has been one of the most interesting vintage fairs I have ever been to, and what a lovely day for a nice wee return to reality after a frightful night of ghosts and ghouls. Younger Hall was transformed into a treasure chest of all sorts, with enough room to browse and admire the truly expansive range that was on offer. With garlands of Union Jacks strung across the balconies, racks full of abundant clothes lined the floor of Younger Hall along with tables of beautiful jewelry and quirky antiques.

FFALL: Reviewed

What began as a lazy Saturday afternoon of doodling on wine bottles while being wooed by acoustic beats, drew into the night and an intimate, rocking music festival. FFALL proved to be not only a festival for all, but twelve fun-filled hours of plentiful music, art and happiness.

Vintage Collective Preview

Calling all guys and dolls, the seasons are quickly changing and what better way to spend a lazy, slightly chilly Saturday than rummaging through vintage treasures of the past, longing to be brought back onto our streets! The Vintage Collective is back in St Andrews and we’re so glad to have them!