Kate Kennedy Charity May Ball: Reviewed

If there is one thing that St Andrews is known for across the nation, it is that we, the students, love lavish events and attend them regularly. We convey this illusory image that the price does not matter – we are willing to pay for it – but I know that that is not the truth for a majority of students. In fact, we want to guarantee that our money is going towards something great and, when the Kate Kennedy committee proposes an event that starts at £45, we want the reassurance that skimping on cheaper meals for the next few weeks will be worth it. It is safe to say, however, that the KK knows what they are doing. On the eve of May Dip this year, the Kinkell Byre hosted – handily – one of the most entertaining nights of the year.

Christmas Ball: Reviewed

The Mermaids Committee held their annual Christmas Ball in the Kinkell Byre, this year with a quirky theme: Harry Potter. A bold move on the Mermaids’ part, to offer up a night that so many of us book and film fans have dreamed of, and especially after the nightmare that was ticket sales, attendees were expecting magic. Overall? It was lacklustre, it was ’meh’. Across the spectrum, from music to giveaways, they offered us a night that had some entertaining moments, but was definitely flawed.

One Horror-Packed Halloween

Although St Andrews is referred to as The Bubble, there are more events going on in the small town that one may realize. With Halloween right around the corner, local shops and University societies are eager to get students in a spooky and festive mood. From themed food to night life, there is plenty to keep any Halloween lover occupied. Make sure to clear your calendar because Halloween 2015 is horror-packed:

Best Shakespearean Characters Translated into Film

Having been around more than four hundred years, the plays by William Shakespeare have been performed excessively. Not a complaint, of course, but it can be hard to distinguish the worthwhile interpretations from the not-so-much. Film adaptations are often riskier, fuelled by actors leaping at the chance to be ‘the one who got it right’. While every character portrayal has its merits, some actors exceed expectations with their originality. Here are some scene-stealers – the best of the best.