Alternate: Reviewed

Joe Irvine’s On The Rocks show Alternative was utterly charming and borderline fantastic.

Sitara* Reviewed

Despite the evening festivities dwindling rather quickly, my Sitara* experience as a whole was a positive one and I’m definitely attending next year.

King Lear: Reviewed

The play is generally considered one of Shakespeare’s finest, but it is also notoriously difficult to stage.

Urinetown (The Musical): Reviewed

Satirical, irreverent, and beautifully crafted, Just So’s production of Urinetown (The Musical) burst onto the Byre Stage during this year’s On The Rocks Festival.

WTW: Sitara*

Even if you don’t have a wardrobe to match the fruity Afrodysia cocktails being served, as long as you are confident in whatever you’re wearing, Sitara* will be a night to remember.

Ten Things To Do in Boston

You can be can be easily overwhelmed when exploring a new place, so here are my tips for the best things to do in Boston when travelling on a student budget.