Ours: An Exhibition by Capture Collective

 Situated in University Hall’s Old Wing Dining room, Capture Collective’s debut exhibition, Ours, brought together selected artworks from the hall’s collection. Since the hall opened to students in 1896, a wide-ranging collection has been built up from the gifts of friends and alumni, as well as from the Beverage Bequest, a memorial fund left to the hall in 1962 by one of its earliest women graduates. Under the direction of former warden, Lorna Walker, the fund was, and still is, used for the purchase of artworks every few years.

Holidays Highlights: Museums of Madrid

Before I went to Madrid, I expected what I had experienced in Barcelona, which was lots of sangria drinking and paella eating. When I decided to travel to Spain again, I knew that I should add Madrid to my itinerary but had no idea what to expect.

Art Auction: Culture Y

Culture Y is a St Andrews students organization dedicated to creating interesting and innovative art based events for the St Andrews community.

Art in Copenhagen

Those who do not enjoy looking at art are difficult to win over. Though an art museum may seem confining to some, I would recommend roaming through the bustling crowds of art museums in Copenhagen, Denmark. If you get there, do not let your imagination be bound by the walls and halls of the galleries – art allows you to immerse yourself in the mind of another, in different times and cultures. When traveling, visiting art museums is a wonderful way to see through the window of a culture’s past. You can wander through the rows of paintings or sculpture and take on the guise of different characters, imagining what was going on in the artists’ heads. Not solely the symphony of blues or radiant yellow hues on canvas, art is replete with psychological complexity. Copenhagen art museums, I have found, are exceptionally curated, arranged in ways that allow you to observe, reflect, and give you the freedom to delve into sublimity and varied human responses.

A Conversation with Oh Comely

I caught up with Liz Ann Bennett, from the amazing print magazine Oh Comely, a “lifestyle magazine with life”. They write about a vast array of different things, with each issue having a central theme. They also feature a ton of photography and illustration in each issue, making Oh Comely Magazine a truly collectible piece of print.

Freshers’ Guide: How to Decorate Your New Room

Moving out of the family home can be a daunting experience, you’re leaving behind the comfort of your childhood room and the safety net of your parents who will be there to help when you spill nail varnish on your carpet or need a big load of washing done. However, there are so many amazing things about leaving home too: new found freedom and independence, not feeling guilty for coming home at 4am with chips ‘n’ cheese, being able to decorate your room however you like. On the second of our freshers’ guides, we’re going to have a look at the best things to buy to jazz up your brand new room!

OTR: Music, Art and Earth Review

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, daffodils are blooming, and students are spread out on lawns across town. Spring is in the air. To this lovely Wednesday afternoon On the Rocks brought Music, Art and Earth, hosted by the Art Society, the A Cappella Society, and Transition. The event was held at the Botanic Gardens during the afternoon with flowerpots for decorating, seeds for planting, and featured musical performances by a number of St Andrews’ wonderfully talented a cappella groups.

Life Drawing: In Pictures

Tuesday nights are sacred. Tuesday nights are for charcoal smudges, blank pages, and casual nudity. Art Society hosts Life Drawing every Tuesday from 8.15-10.15, and it is wonderful. A lovely crew of artistically minded (or not) people gather in the Barron Theatre for some nice, quiet self-expression. This week we started off with a few 5 minute poses, a 10 minute, a few quick 1 minute, then a longer 15, and break. The break is always nice, as it gives you the chance to shake out from your intent hunched position, catch up with friends, or go out and get snacks. People chat about deadlines, gossip, and fun spring break plans, while munching on biscuits, or sipping on a Taste cappuccino. Some people wandered off during the break, so the second half of drawing was a bit quieter. This week’s session was very relaxed overall, due to smaller numbers, pre-break blues, and most likely because of the music. The playlist featured the Indie beauty of James Vincent Mcmorrow, Fleet Foxes, and The xx, among others.