Promising a “cacophony of Asian cultures”, this year’s Sitara event, Iridescence, expanded from its South Asian focus to include a multitude of cultures with the theme of iridescence signifying the bright lights of urban spaces across the continent. Held at the new venue of Lochaber Farm, out of town in the other direction from Kinkell, the marquee was far more decorated than other fashion events, with lit-up trees and an ice luge for drinks.

Crazy Under-Represented Asians

The one thing that stuck with me when I left the cinema wasn’t the dazzling shots of Singapore (which turned out to be Malaysia), the acting of shockingly first-time film star Henry Golding as the Old Money Nick Young, or even the surprisingly catchy Chinese pop songs that had me googling the soundtrack. It was one line from the protagonist’s mother, spoken in fluent Mandarin (but subtitled for us): You look Chinese. You speak Chinese. But here, you’re different. 


I have wanted to visit Japan since I was four. True, the main reason back then was because I thought I could become a Pokémon trainer if I went there. But as my interest in its history and culture grew over time, there were too many reasons for me to put off going.

An Interview with Rickshaw India

The Wanderer sat down with some of the Rickshaw India team to find out more about their fundraising activities, the difficulties that riding a rickshaw across India will present and how they will be using their visit to contribute to the non-governmental organisation, Pratham.

Delirious in Delhi

If you are reading this article, my dear Owlet, then I’m going to go ahead and assume that you have at least a smidgen of interest in going to and learning about Delhi. There are already a great deal of excellent travel guides and documentaries covering the best places to visit much more eloquently than I ever could. Therefore I present to you a different view of Delhi than most books would, hopefully a more genuine, locally inspired vision. While they might not sound as exotic as going to Chandni Chowk to see the Spice Market, or visiting Qutub Minar and its impossible Iron Pillar, these tips can tell you just as much, if not more, about the city of Delhi and its incredible people.

Stockholm by Stomach: 5 Fabulous Eateries for Any Budget

Stockholm, I find, is a tricky city to eat in. The restaurant philosophy is different to other cities: many restaurants open for only one seating a night (they don’t turn tables), making walking in without a reservation impossible. It can also be a shockingly expensive city, with restaurants in hip Stureplan charging upwards of £30 for a plate of mussels. Don’t, as my family once did, give up and eat snacks from 7-Eleven for dinner. Unlike in Paris or Barcelona or Rome, eating in Stockholm simply requires some planning. I find that the current onslaught of food writing about suddenly trendy Scandinavian cuisine does not give the reader any range or choice; every option is a starkly decorated, costly restaurant where the food is plated with tweezers. Now there is a time and a place for that, as you’ll see below, but here is a broader range of foodie destinations in Stockholm, whether you’re in the mood for a cheap beer or chanterelle soup. 

5 Holiday Hells

Having forced my parents to endure marathon sessions of the Home Alone movies every Christmas, my fascination with travel calamities was only confounded in adulthood by endless ‘study days’ spent watching reruns of Airline and UK Border Force. Yet whilst Kevin McCallister has had a few tragic Christmases, I’ll be pretty bold in saying that my own international adventures have often gone frightfully wrong.