Read Leaves: Short-stories for long study breaks

If there’s one thing St Andrews doesn’t lack, it’s distractions from the extremely enriching and necessary class work which never seems to stop piling up.  And here I am, offering you a list of ten more distractions to crowd your browser’s tab bar.  If this just happens to be the perfect opportunity for me to re-read these gems instead of writing my essay that’s due in less than three days, then so be it. The following ten short stories are riveting enough to be read all at once, sure to make procrastinating a worthwhile endeavor.

Pumpkin All Day

With Autumn underway and the Pumpkin-spice season in full swing (PSA: PSL are already available at Starbucks!) here are a couple of recipes you can make at home to bring the season to every meal.

The List: 5 Cosy Autumn Reads

Though the days are creeping shorter, it isn’t winter yet. But it is autumn and autumn is the season when it gets windy, rainy and you want to do anything but study – so it’s also the perfect season to catch up on a bit of reading. Not the reading we’re all so bored of, of essays and papers and textbooks. Of books. Real books. It’s the perfect season to put on your pjs and snuggle up in bed, maybe even with a mug of hot chocolate, and definitely with an old paperback. Here are five cosy autumn reads to help you through those cold days.

House of Horrors: Back from the Grave

It is finally that time of year! Autumn has well and truly settled in and heavier coats and scarves have been making their appearance all throughout town. And autumn means that it is (at last) time for Halloween!

French Onion Soup Recipe

Autumn is all about change. It is the change in the weather from warm summer days, to fall – which can be warm, windy, rainy and misty, and then sunny again. We see that our emotions change. We may begin to romanticize about autumn- the melancholic beauty of seeing the leaves fall. But then we quickly become melancholic ourselves. If this happens there is only one cure, a good bowl of warm soup. This never changes. Soup is always delicious.

Escape the Bubble: Fife’s Coastal Towns

November has arrived, bringing with it autumn. As the long evenings set, students begin curling up with a hot chocolate and a book, rather than venturing into a cold autumnal day wrapped in multiple layers of scarves. However, autumn in Fife is beautiful, and with so much to see and do, not only in St Andrews, it is not to be missed. So often, with deadlines looming and seemingly endless assignments, we get caught in a bubble of stress and forget anything exists outside of St Andrews. And yet, prepare yourself, it does! Hopping on the number 95 bus, as I did last weekend, to explore the coastal towns south of St Andrews, is a great way to de-stress and enjoy a day away from the bubble. The bus runs between St Andrews and Leven, and at just over eight pounds for a day ticket, it proves to be an in-expensive and thoroughly enjoyable day out.

Embracing Autumn

A ball, a party, a halloween pub crawl–these are all fantastic things to enjoy. But what of the other things of autumn? What about autumn here, in Fife?