The Great Gatsby: Preview

If you’ve ever taken an English class, or been to a vaguely themed party in the past few years, chances are you’ve heard of The Great Gatsby. Even this magazine takes its name from a Great Gatsby character. F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel about wealth and love in the roaring 20s is infamous, and St Andrews is seeing its own adaptation coming to the Stage this week. Owl Eyes sat down with the Director, Madison Hauser, to ask a few questions about how to manage a party quite so big.

The Great Gatsby: Reviewed

Casablanca is a second-rate film. It’s a strange mash-up, riddled with clichés, character inconsistencies and continuity errors. But, as philosopher Umberto Eco argues, all those elements – the muddle of eternal archetypes we use to tell ourselves stories – that almost made it awful, somehow elevated it to a higher plane: “there is a sense of dizziness, a stroke of brilliance.”  Ladies and gentlemen, The Great Gatsby is our Casablanca.