The Jazz Café: Reviewed

The Jazz Café, hosted by the Lumsden Club in Sandy’s Bar, as part of the On the Rocks Festival, was a night of both intimate acoustic music and brash, fabulous, big band standards. The packed bar chatted spiritedly throughout, as the venue as a café and not a concert greatly added to the relaxed feel of the evening.

Can’t Miss Cafés: Oslo

Norwegians drink a lot of coffee. We are the second largest coffee-drinking country in the whole world (Finland drinks a little bit more). According to an article by Foodpedia, on average, Norwegians drink 5 cups a day. Yet, if you are traveling to Norway, do not think we prioritize quantity over quality! Some say Norwegians drink coffee like people drink wine; appreciating different blends from different regions as one would with wine. Because of this, Norway has some of the best quality coffee out there. And these are the top five cafés you should visit in Oslo.