Spring is fashion show season in St Andrews, and in the wake of a show-stopping FS and a stopped-show DONT WALK, CATWALK: Perception had much of an occasion to rise to. And rise they did; goodie bags featuring coupons for a slice of the St Andrews staple Mozza’s, pink Slingsby’s G&Ts on entry, and cupcake servers meandering 601 prepped guests for a night perfectly organized and choreographed to showcase the beautiful boldness of CATWALK. This year the event was supporting the local, national, and international charities Fife Women’s Aid (FWA), Wave Project, and Doctors Without Borders (MSF) respectively.


Perception is a funny thing. Fresh from last year’s roaring success of PARADIGM, a total raised of £12,900 for the three charities, and an August that saw them place third in the “Big Impact, Small Budget” category at The National Student Fundraising Conference 2018, CATWALK is back. Long-proud of its Union and Charities Campaign affiliation, CATWALK 2019 will be taking place outside of RAG week again on the 9th of March, but as always will give 100% of the proceeds to Union-nominated charities. CATWALK sits on the executive committee of the Charities Campaign this year, giving it wider creative autonomy under the Union umbrella, and the local, national, and international charities that the fashion show will be supporting are Fife Women’s Aid (FWA), Wave Project, and Doctors Without Borders (MSF) respectively.

St Andrews Charities Campaign: Get Involved!

The St Andrews Charities Campaign raises hundreds of thousands of pounds for three amazing charities each year. We spoke with Julianna Joss, the Postgraduate Coordinator of the St Andrews Charities Campaign, to learn more about what they do. What she feels is quite remarkable is that these charities are selected by students, thus giving us a connection to initiatives and events throughout the year (RAG Week, Catwalk, Race2, just to name a few) that benefit these good causes. This past year, the student body elected their local charity: Families First, their national charity: Scottish Refugee Council, and their international charity, Save the Children. As the 2017-2018 academic year draws to a close, they are looking for their next charities to support – one international, one national and one local charity.

Catwalk Reviewed: cheekbones and charity

In St Andrews, February is synonymous with ‘fashion show season’ – frankly I couldn’t have thought of a better event to start the season than by the Charities Campaign’s Catwalk charity fashion show. Part of RAG week, Catwalk differentiates itself from heavy weights FS and DON’T WALK by developing concepts that can be replicated in real life, exemplified through this year’s concept of ‘the undergrowth’. A representation of urban grime culture, I felt the concept was so far removed from what we are used to seeing in St Andrews, making it even more interesting.

CATWALK: Reviewed

After a year-long hiatus, Catwalk is back. RAG Week’s Fashion show was held in Club 601, whose construction last academic year was the cause of the fashion show being cancelled. That, however, led to two things- St. Andrews’ newest club, and a much heightened sense of anticipation for this year’s show, which did not fail to disappoint. The darkened interior of 601 was transformed with strobe lights and smoke machines, a runway taking pride of place in the centre.

What to Wear: Catwalk

St. Andrew’s suffers from the rare phenomenon of having its own fashion season. This Saturday Catwalk has the honour of kicking the semesters fashion shows off. As always Owl Eyes is here as your fashion fairy godmother to make you FROW worthy (and I don’t mean front row lecture theatre).

Catwalk: Catching up with the models

After a yearlong hiatus, Catwalk is back with a vengeance and in anticipation of its revival, I caught up with 1st year model and creative team member Jessica Wooninck and sabbatical student model Chris MacRae, to find out a bit about the inner workings of the first fashion show of the St. Andrew’s season.

Preview: RAG Week 2016

This will be my third RAG week in St Andrews and I am happy to say it is looking to be the biggest and most exciting RAG week in St Andrews history. With around 50 events and 15 headlining events, RAG 2016 and over 40 societies have come together to bring St Andrews a RAG week to remember.

Concrete Catwalk’s ‘Dress to Impress’: Reviewed

It’s hard to believe that Concrete Catwalk has only been around for a year. The idea for it started the summer before last with Jamilah, the founder, looking to create something a little more inclusive in St. Andrews: ‘I wanted something that everyone could be on and could showcase the amazing style St. Andrew’s has’. In one year they have achieved 1,636 likes on Facebook, and become a household name in St. Andrews, and last Tuesday was their opportunity to celebrate!

CATWALK 2014: Review

I hadn’t originally planned on attending this year’s CATWALK fashion show. After coming into some tickets at the last minute however, I wandered off to the Union knowing essentially nothing about CATWALK other than that it was a fashion show… but hey, if my night started with scoring surprise tickets to one of St. Andrews biggest events, I was fairly optimistic about how the rest of the evening would unfold.