Preview: The History Boys

This weekend, the nation’s favorite play is going up in the Byre Theatre: The History Boys. This play chronicles the life of a group of students as they revise for their Oxbridge entrance exams, and the teachers who help get them there. I got the chance to ask the director of this piece, Harrison Roberts, a few questions about why he loves the play so much and what the play means in a more modern context.

Film Review: Jane Eyre

When Charlotte Brontë published Jane Eyre in 1847 under an assumed name, she could not have imagined that her heroine would continue move a new public, almost two hundred years later. And yet, Jane Eyre lives on, never more romantically so in than in the most recent film adaptation by up and coming US film director, Cary Fukunaga. Jane Eyre, as filmed by Fukunaga, is gloomy but exhilarating, magnificent and bleak, exposing small lives living big passions in huge, windswept landscapes; a visual treat throughout its 120 minutes.