Catwalk Reviewed: cheekbones and charity

In St Andrews, February is synonymous with ‘fashion show season’ – frankly I couldn’t have thought of a better event to start the season than by the Charities Campaign’s Catwalk charity fashion show. Part of RAG week, Catwalk differentiates itself from heavy weights FS and DON’T WALK by developing concepts that can be replicated in real life, exemplified through this year’s concept of ‘the undergrowth’. A representation of urban grime culture, I felt the concept was so far removed from what we are used to seeing in St Andrews, making it even more interesting.

Drag Walk 2017: Fishnets and Fur

Drag Walk is one of my favourite St Andrews events. It’s a time for the Barbour jackets and white converses to be safely tucked away, and for the lingerie, fur jackets and fishnets to finally see the glaring lights of 601, with all proceeds going to Scottish Trans Alliance. From the the electric pink fairy covered in glitter flitting around all evening, to the two girls who had decided to shackle themselves together at the neck, I couldn’t help but feel entirely underdressed and miserable that I hadn’t put in the effort.

What to do this Green Week

Green Week has begun! Part of a national week of action on climate change, engaging people in the local community through a week of activities, there is something for every student looking to find a way to make the world a litter greener.

CATWALK: Reviewed

After a year-long hiatus, Catwalk is back. RAG Week’s Fashion show was held in Club 601, whose construction last academic year was the cause of the fashion show being cancelled. That, however, led to two things- St. Andrews’ newest club, and a much heightened sense of anticipation for this year’s show, which did not fail to disappoint. The darkened interior of 601 was transformed with strobe lights and smoke machines, a runway taking pride of place in the centre.

Catwalk: Catching up with the models

After a yearlong hiatus, Catwalk is back with a vengeance and in anticipation of its revival, I caught up with 1st year model and creative team member Jessica Wooninck and sabbatical student model Chris MacRae, to find out a bit about the inner workings of the first fashion show of the St. Andrew’s season.

Pangea 2015: Reviewed

Pangea is a one of a kind event that aims to represent the cultural diversity that our university is known for. The weekend began on Thursday night with a launch party. This was meant to be a bonfire but the dreary weather caused some logistical issues and the event was moved to the Union Main Bar. Still an exciting celebration, entertainment was provided by the STAR show, It’s a Wise Child, and by the St Andrews Anthropology Society.

BINDI: Reviewed

BINDI and Hot Dub, my two favourite nights, in the same week. It was a very good week. If you haven’t been, go to the next one, and if you did go, you know this already. The Sanskriti society know how to throw a good party, and they did not disappoint.

Welcome to the Bubble: A Guide to Fresher’s Week

It’s nearly that time again, when St. Andrew’s cobbled streets will be alive with the faces of suntanned (at least for Scotland) students. A gentle introduction into the student way of life is out of the question, get ready to be plunged into the best that St. Andrews has to offer: it’s Fresher’s Week.