Christmas Ball 2013 Preview

Anyone who walked past the Barron Theater last Thursday or Friday would have seen the massive queue spilling out the building, down the street, and around the corner for the better part of the morning. As always and in true Mermaids fashion, Christmas Ball ticket sales was a theatrical event in itself, complete with music, costumes, props, and sweets. I wasn’t entirely sure if I was going to be able to find my way through the crowd, not to mention if President David Patterson or Ball Convener Natalie English would be able to find a spare minute to chat in all the commotion. Two minutes later, the dynamic duo had bounded past the ticket table decked out in Willy Wonka hats, introduced themselves, and promptly offered me some chocolate. If that’s any indication, the Willy Wonka Wonderland-themed Christmas Ball 2013 is sure to be sweeter and merrier than ever.

House of Horror Review

House of Horror was certainly a night to remember, being both St. Andrews and my first Halloween event (that wasn’t just a typical house party or club event). I was looking to experience a full on, all out there American-style night and that’s exactly what I got.

Bongo Ball Review

When I found out that I was covering this year’s Bongo Ball I got the urge to scream out in excitement after recalling last year’s event where I was well and truly ‘Bongo’ed’ after a night of non-stop dancing and running around Crail Airfield like a toddler at Christmas!

House of Horror: Preview

Halloween’s drawing near and so is one of October’s hottest events: House of Horror. The very first Halloween ball in St. Andrews is fully sold out and now coming to life. Owl Eyes interviewed Caitlin Craig, co-president to the event, to try and squeeze as many secret details, surprises, and expectations for the night out of her as possible. 

May Ball Review

May Ball is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year and I was looking forward to my first time at this event (especially after organising an intense queuing schedule for tickets that involved me getting up at 4am). Unfortunately, the normal classic ticket holder (such as myself), didn't entitle you to much. Aside from access to Kinkell itself the only bonus you got was access to the three fairground rides, one of the bigger highlights of the evening.

The Under Canvas Interview

Under Canvas is a new student-run charity event in St Andrews, brought to you by former committee of the successful Masquerade Ball. Described as blending an eclectic mix of music, art and design with festival-inspired revelry, this rebranded event is promised to be unforgettable and unlike any other event to have taken place in our university experience.

Masquerade 2012: Come In Disguises

With all its tickets sold out in under an hour, this year's Masquerade is set to be bigger and better than ever before. The Correspondents will set the bar for wackiest dance moves, Masquerade’s signature cocktails will fuel the night’s excitement and of course, Owl Eyes’ very own photo booth will be capturing the beauty of all masked guests.

You Shall Go To The Ball

Being the overgrown village that it is, St Andrews is very lacking in clothes shops. As you cannot wear fancy chocolates or a book to a ball, we are forced to look further. Neither H&M nor New Look will do the trick, and a desperate purge of the charity shops is always unsuccessful, with the only fit-to-be-seen-in items being rapidly snatched up by even keener pursuers. Here are my tips to finding the best dress to wear to the next black tie event…

Style Guide: Festive Season Fashion

Christmas is less than a month away. For the seasonally unstable among us, that means that it’s now almost socially acceptable to start Spotifying Christmas carols (and Bublé’s amazing new album of reworked Christmas classics) and watching White Christmas on repeat (oh, Bing). But the pre-Christmas season in St Andrews also means that the social calendar is brimming with exciting opportunities to whip out the sparkly dresses. Be the star of the party in our picks of the best festive season fashion.