St Andrews Revue Presents Rewind: Reviewed

The St Andrews Revue exists as the University’s only standing sketch comedy troupe. The improv comedy group Blind Mirth gives the form a go during each On The Rocks Festival, as does the Comedy Society, yet The Revue is the only student group committed to the form. Unlike the other two groups, they are not affiliated with the Union.

The History Boys: Reviewed

The History Boys is the nation’s favorite play, and I can absolutely understand why. It’s funny, irreverent, ultimately heartwarming, and it provides a positive view of an experience almost every briton has had. I had a teacher like Hector myself, sans-abuse, and I know the positive impact a person like that can have. And this production brought a lot of that emotion that I know too well. But the energy that makes those moments, and this play, special, wasn’t there, and that lethargy, unfortunately, brought the play down from its peak.

Preview: RolePlay

As a journalist, interviews are quite an easy, care-free way to write an article, as you’re ultimately responsible for a small fraction of the content. At least they’re usually easy. But recently I sat down with Nishant Raj and Jamie Jones, the dynamic directing duo behind upcoming comedy, RolePlay. It’s best to imagine the following as spoken over a constant barrage of laughter from all parties.

Women in the Arts: Reviewed

St Andrews’ all girl A cappella group, ‘The Accidentals’ and the charity, ‘Women for Women’ combined their efforts to bring us St Andrews’ second annual ‘Women in the Arts’, showcasing a variety of different types of art forms including dancing, poetry and singing!

Dylan Moran: Reviewed

On a strange Saturday morning whim I decided to buy tickets to see Dylan Moran the following Wednesday in Dundee. Having watched all of Black Books far too many times (and definitely from a younger age than I should have been allowed), I was keen to see how the Edinburgh-based Irish comedian could entertain a live audience. Having taken a break since 2011, Off the Hook is his newest stand up show, and Dundee was the first night of his very long 50-night tour that takes him all over the UK.

How to Nail an Audition

As theatre auditions approach, you may find yourself nervous, whether you are a returning thespian or a newcomer to the stage. But don’t fret, because auditions are not as terrifying as they seem. Here are a few tips for nailing your audition.

Jon Richardson Reviewed

Other very popular acts aside, this week Jon Richardson is “one of the biggest names we’ve had. Fresher’s is ten times better this year!” The words of one excited returning student echoed the sense of anticipation in a packed Venue 1 on Monday night. The stage looked great, with balloons adorning it and star-cloth hanging along the back, and despite the late start, no one was disappointed. If anything it just made the crowd more excited.

Vaudeville Spectacular: Reviewed

It occurred to me, waiting outside Venue 2 last night, that I had absolutely no idea what to expect from Vaudeville Spectacular and the confusing array of costumes parading by made me think I could’ve been at anything. Billed as a ‘late-night showcase’ whisking us away to the ‘seedy glamour of the 1920s nightclub cabaret’ Vaudeville Spectacular was keeping their acts quiet. Behind the mysterious doors, tables were set up as in an old school Berlin nightclub, complete with fake candles, flowers, waiters in bow-ties to bring you your drinks, and live piano.