Mood Swings: The Winter Blues

Have you ever been stuck for a film or show to watch, or book to read? You know you want to desperately immerse into an alternate universe, but you just can’t find the “one”? Well, Bon Vivant has all the answers. Each week, we will publish an article in our Mood Swings series with a different emotional theme, providing you with the best on-screen and reading material to fit your every mood. Do you want the inspirational? The quirky? The depressing? Be sure to check here every Tuesday to find your fix.

On the Rocks: Echofield

You may recognize Echofield, as the winners of this year’s charity ‘St Andrews Got Talent.' The band consists of Josh Taylor, Charles Harrison, and Ben Holloway, a guitar and vocal three-piece who are steadily increasing recognition and popularity within St Andrews and further afield. Owl Eyes had the oppourtunity to speak to Josh Taylor, lead vocalist, to learn more about the band…