The Golden Seashells on our Sea Shore

You know who won at the Oscars, you know who won at eh BAFTAs, but tonight, you find out who wins at the Golden Seashells! Tonight, for the first time ever, Mermaids is properly celebrating the shows that we’ve all enjoyed so much throughout the year.

Contractions: Reviewed

I must confess that I was slightly intimidated about going to watch ‘Contractions’ for fear of having to sit for an hour and watch an artsy play about the pains of child birth. Thankfully this is not what Contractions proved to be about. Instead, it is a play about relationships and power struggles in the workplace, centred on the inconvenient pregnancy of one of the two characters in the play, Emma.

Contractions: explained

Dark and twisting, On The Rocks presents Contractions, a comedy about love, relationships and control. We caught up with the production team, to tell us a little bit more.