Art Soc’s Creative Lock-In: What Went Down in Those Wee Hours

The Art Society started their semester off with a bang at last weekend’s Creative Lock-In, the first of the new academic year. The Barron Theatre was packed with musicians, painters, poets, writers, crafters, sketchers, collagers and one nude model from 11pm on Friday until 6am on Saturday. Participants were encouraged to bring snacks and non-alcoholic beverages, but the committee members also provided tea all night for those who needed the caffeine.

Biannual Creative Lock-in: Reviewed

In a dimly lit Barron Theatre, illuminated by spotlight and fairy light, the creatives gathered. The biannual creative lock-in, hosted by the Arts Society, began late Saturday evening and ran through to the twilight hours of Sunday morning (for those with the stamina). Promising a night of writing, still life, music, nudey artistry and any other tool of creativity, this event is certainly like no other.