Holiday Highlights: Murter, Croatia

In the past two years or so, the rate of tourists packing their bags and flying toward the beautiful rocky beaches and tall pine trees of Croatia has skyrocketed. The blue skied country has moved from almost criminally underrated to crawling with college students craving a good time and retired couples in their 60’s alike.

Spring Break Idea: Dubrovnik, Croatia

It’s been almost a year since Spring Break 2013, and almost a year since I first caught sight of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I remember the moment vividly. We had travelled from airport to destination on a winding cliff-side road and, after turning the very last bend, the image I had googled countless times in the previous weeks appeared before me: sparkling azure waters, bright limestone city walls and charming terra-cotta rooftops.

InterRailing: Banter on a Budget

With 4th Year upon me and the “real world” in sight I have decided that as a Social Anthropology student, having spent four years reading about other cultures it’s about time I actually go and experience them for myself.  This isn’t part of some “I never had a gap year” syndrome or “I want to be a carefree Arts student forever” rubbish, I promise. I just think it’s important to see a bit of the world  and so that’s what I plan to do! My mother approves greatly of this not getting a job and going travelling instead plan, I mean is that not what I’ve spent the past four years at university for?