Prepping for Potlucks

Potluck dinners are a St Andrews staple; they bring together friends and food and let you taste a variety of dishes in one seating. Stumped what to make at your next potluck gathering? Here are a few delicious recipes, varying from easy and quick to show-stopping!

Food Combos: Vegetarian Edition

Here’s the second take from our collection, food combos! Our Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Combo articles give you the three most important meals of the day with a twist! Try them separately or all together, these combos help you find great veggie dining for any time of day.

Till Death Do Them Part: Reviewed

Cocktail dress on, champagne drunk, 3 course Hotel Du Vin meal enjoyed – I cannot deny that my evening was well spent at Till Death Do Them Part: the Fine Food and Dining Society’s immersive murder mystery dinner. The evening’s success rested heavily on the improvisation skills of the 6 main actors – Molly Williams, Caelan Mitchell-Bennett, Minoli de Silva, Bennett Hunecke, Kate Stamoulis and Sasha Gisbourne (aided by photographers, wedding planners and hotel staff who were indispensable to the immersion – in particular Mary Byrne, the ‘host from the hotel’, did such a great job that I thought she worked for Hotel Du Vin until she was presented with flowers at the end of the night!). We were first welcomed into a reception chamber in which the actors slowly began to mingle with the assembled guests. Special mention must be made of Williams and Mitchell-Bennett who adeptly dealt with every single question thrown at them, providing seamless characterisation. The atmosphere was warm and the excitement tangible (I heard many a whisper of “he/she’s gonna die, I bet you”). Sure enough, as the Bride and Groom toasted to the occasion, the latter bent double in a realistic choking fit and we were all shepherded desperately out of the reception room and through to the dining room, accompanied by promises of “yes, I’ll call the police in a minute”.

St Andrews Staples

St Andrews has tons of eateries and restaurants to offer, but some of them are just particular to our little town. Whether you’re a Fresher or a seasoned returner, this list of St Andrews Staples will point you (and your stomach) in the right direction!

Valentine’s Day Menu: Dessert

Now that we’ve covered what to cook for Valentine’s Day dinner, we can get to the best part of the meal: dessert. It’s a universal truth that nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like chocolate and wine. While a box of truffles and a bottle of red make great additions to any Valentines Day meal, this year for dessert try something new and combine the two in a decadent Red Wine Chocolate cake. It’s the perfect combo of these truly romantic ingredients, and while it will taste amazing, the best part is that it couldn’t be easier to make.

Valentine’s Day Menu: Dinner

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to appreciate all of the love in your life, and whether you’re celebrating with a significant other or a group of girlfriends, what better way to celebrate than over dinner. If your love language is food then the options of what to cook on Valentines Day are endless, but in my opinion there is only one dish sure to warm the hearts of everyone involved: pasta. Since this is a special occasion, skip the simple weeknight pasta routine and make something a little more decadent and perfectly warming for a cold February night.

How to Dine in Luxury on a Student Budget

Every student is on a budget, but considering the amount of money we are about to invest in a certain springtime ball, where our pennies are spent is very much about priorities. The word ‘essentials’ takes on a whole new meaning when you become a student. Suddenly, one realises that conditioner, tights, mayonnaise and meat are now firmly within the category of ‘luxuries.’