DONT WALK: Model Castings

The charity fashion show DONT WALK is having its model castings this coming Friday and Saturday. Auditions are inevitably a nerve-racking experience, but if you give it a shot, you may be able to be a part of a truly exceptional organization, one which has always aroused intriguing discourse through its creative visions.

DONT WALK Launch Party : Reviewed

The DONT WALK committee officially launched their 2016 campaign on Thursday night. When I first heard about the invite only event, I was a little apprehensive of the idea, however; upon arriving at the event I realised that this idea of exclusivity was not a bad thing as the evening ended up having an intimate feel to it.

Undressing Don’t Walk: Behind the Scenes

What do you do when you’re forced to choose between a day in the library with an essay or a day at Kinkell helping a male model dress? Well as a self-confessed fashion junkie, I think you can see which option I took (The male models held absolutely no appeal, honest.)