DRA Ball, typically the largest of the hall balls with a huge budget, took place last weekend on Lower College Lawn, bringing the first of the more typical black-tie events for second semester. With free sweets upon entry and huge resident/non-resident ticket sales, anticipation built for a party that famously (verging on infamously) promises good music and good times. The tent was decorated almost as if you were looking through a blue Pablo, and the Atlantis-esque theme with Grecian statues proved understated decoration – after all, you never want to go too overboard on a zany theme for a standard black-tie ball.

DRA/FP Ball Reviewed

Being handed a drink and a lei upon walking into a ball is always a good sign. For the David Russel Apartments and Fife Park’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” ball, that was only the start of a fantastic night. The organisers included staple features like Jannettas Ice Cream and great decor, while incorporating unique ideas such as shisha, glitter tattoos, and leis: a flawless mix for a night to remember.

DRA/FP Ball Preview

As week three slowly slips into week four and fond memories of healthy amounts of sleep during the Christmas holiday become increasingly unimaginable, St Andrews offers one solace: DRA/FP Ball. The “Midsummer Night’s Dream” themed event promises to be more magical than ever, and once you see the outline for the night, we think you’ll agree.