Romantic Scotland: 14 Ideas for February 14th

Although I dislike Valentine’s Day, for the commercial scheme it is, I am still a romantic and have a few suggestions of what to do that are not nauseatingly sweet. Whether you’re looking to reignite the spark, woo a new flame, or just go on a wee adventure with the one you love, Scotland has many romantic spots perfect for this special occasion.

Christmas Market Favourites

Edinburgh’s Christmas Market is officially open! Running from the 20th of November to the 4th of January, it offers a variety of spectacular markets, rides and attractions. From the St Andrew Square ice ring to the ferris wheel lit up in Christmas lights, it is enough to satisfy every festive spirit out there.

Edinburgh Coffee Festival: Reviewed

Walking into the beautiful Mansfield Traquair on Saturday morning, I was hit by the most amazing smells of freshly brewed coffee. After being given free fudge on the way in (always a great way to start an event!), we were handed a map illustrating all of the different stands on offer, with information on the various events and talks running throughout the day. For the student entry price of £8 , there really was an opportunity to pack as much into your day as possible, fueled by the endless coffee samples being handed out.


Kellie Consort Reviewed

After many months of planning, August 1st marked the debut of University Organist Tom Wilkinson’s new Kellie Consort. The new Consort is Scotland’s only pre-professional baroque ensemble and takes its name from the 6th Earl of Kellie, composer, Thomas Erskine (1732-81). With music of the Baroque era often being underplayed, the Consort endeavours to spread this unique form to a wider audience around the country. This process began in St Salvator’s Chapel before the group transferred to Glasgow’s St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral and Old St Paul’s Church, Edinburgh on subsequent nights.

Can’t Miss Cafés: Study Week Special

We all know that feeling, when you leave the library after a particularly long slog, bleary eyed with a stack of eros coffee cups balanced precariously on your laptop (because, when faced with the imminent death by revision, suddenly lap tops become less important) and in desperate need of some ibuprofen. All you crave is another caffeine fix, although you know after your 10th one you will never get to sleep. Whilst there are many eligible coffee shops in St Andrews where you could go to get your next hit, I want to take you away on a little coffee shop tour of the world to ease your exam woes. Whether you want to day dream you’re in the middle of New York talking to a particularly handsome barista about symbolism in Milton, or you’re looking for inspiration over the mercifully exam free summer, I can guarantee that there will be a coffee shop on here that will make you forget all about short loans and all-nighters spent wilting in the silent section, even just for a little while…

Guide to Surviving The Fringe

This summer I decided to plunge even further into Scottish life and spend my time working a part time job in Edinburgh. Okay, it may have been more out of necessity after a depleted fresher bank account, but nonetheless it was an exciting new adventure.

The Hypnotist

Last Saturday, a gaggle of friends and I were on our way back from Edinburgh with a trainload of drunk rugby fiends. The inebriated despair made itself known in drunken moans and heads hung sadly over Echo Falls Rosé. The North American Scum that we are (double points if you get that reference), none of us really cared about the rugby as much as we did for escaping the bubble for a few precious hours to go shopping and lollygag with a bunch of strangers instead of the two hundred people that knew every sliver of our lives. Exhausted by all the city excitement, I face planted on the little dining table in our train cubby. I woke in Lochgelly to the screeches of a strangely discordant London accent.

Demijohn: Edinburgh’s Liquid Deli

Stepping into Edinburgh’s Demijohn is like stepping into an apothecary’s store. With bottles piled high to the ceiling, filled with a rainbow of liquids, there is something magical and olde-worlde about selecting a liqueur of choice and watching it being hand-poured into a glass bottle with a cork stopper. It’s like being in an old-fashioned sweet shop, but for adults.