House of Horror 2018: Wonka’s World Reviewed

Dubbed St Andrews’ premier Halloween event, the House of Horror Charity Gala has continued to spook and delight guests year upon year, relying mostly on its wacky themes and staple fairground ride. This year was no different to the rest – but is that such a good thing?

Christmas Ball 2016: Reviewed

There is a particular frisson to the Mermaids Christmas Ball that you either love or hate— and, generally, people belonging to the latter party are people who have cold memories of sitting in the rain at 3am. Thankfully they made the decision to move to online ticket sales which, while causing a lot of controversy, meant there weren’t students dying of hypothermia clogging up the streets in the early hours of a Scottish winter morning. In a St Andrews with events failing left, right and centre, Christmas Ball will never not sell out; something the Mermaids are right to be thrilled with, as it enables them to take shows to the Fringe every summer in the name of #art.

BINDI: Reviewed

BINDI and Hot Dub, my two favourite nights, in the same week. It was a very good week. If you haven’t been, go to the next one, and if you did go, you know this already. The Sanskriti society know how to throw a good party, and they did not disappoint.