Crete: Reading Week Roaming

It’s just my luck that in my fourth year at St Andrews, Reading Week has only just been reintroduced.  Despite my dissertation looming I couldn’t resist the temptation of using the time to escape and clear my head. In early September I was browsing Expedia for good holiday deals and to my great excitement I managed to find flights and accommodation for a week in Crete for just £200. Realising it was probably the last sun I would see for seven months, I decided to treat myself.

Portugal: A Personal Personality

If you are considering traveling during Independent Learning Week, I highly recommend going to Portugal. Portugal has personality: the culture is vibrant; the natural vistas are breath-taking; and the streets have so much history. Portugal’s charm is varied but vast – whether you go to the urban wonderland of Lisbon, or the earthly paradise known as the Algarve, the cobblestone streets and colourful tiles smile and the sun will wink as it sets into the sea. It’s as if every piece of the scenery is nodding at you when you walk past. That’s how personal Portugal feels – and it will put a constant smile on your face.