Starfields 2017: Reviewed

The St Andrews Fashion Show’s annual Starfields concert is rarely unsuccessful and despite the usual groans of weather and pricing, this year’s event can be added to a long list of FS’s successes. As usual, if alcohol and a group of young adults are congregated in a festival-style event, people will always have a good time–even if it’s in a tiny town in Scotland in the middle of September.

Welcome to the Bubble: A Guide to Fresher’s Week

It’s nearly that time again, when St. Andrew’s cobbled streets will be alive with the faces of suntanned (at least for Scotland) students. A gentle introduction into the student way of life is out of the question, get ready to be plunged into the best that St. Andrews has to offer: it’s Fresher’s Week.

Starfields 2014: Reviewed

A casual observer in St Andrews on Saturday would have noticed a few strange happenings occurring in the otherwise rather sleepy coastal town. In the stately old quad, large white vans were hauling in case after case of red bull while billowing white tents were being skillfully assembled all around the Lower College green. On the far right corner of the lawn, a towering, dome-like structure rose up above a black stage with speakers dotted all around to ensure ear-shattering music could be heard from all angles. As the afternoon dragged on, the streets were soon flooded with gypsy skirts, fringy crop tops, and mirrored shades; men flaunted more bohemian tops than blazers and more trainers than Oxfords, a rare occurrence in a town as posh as St Andrews.

Hot Dub Time Machine: Reviewed

Having missed my opportunity at the Edinburgh Fringe to see DJ Tom Loud and his multimedia extravaganza that is Hot Dub Time Machine, I pounced on the tickets for the Freshers Week highlight. I eagerly awaited the event, carefully maneuvering through Freshers Week in order to still have my health and energy for Saturday’s big event. My efforts were well worth the experience and Hot Dub Time Machine surpassed my high expectations.

Scouting for Girls Reviewed

Freshers Week 2014 is drawing to a close, but Venue 1 was packed last night to see Scouting For Girls. The band released three top ten albums over the past eight years but are mainly known by the home student population. Others were confused whether Scouting For Girls was an event for ‘Don’t Walk’! The band stuck to old songs, but quite frankly the nostalgia of singing along to the feel-good hits was what everyone came for, and they weren’t disappointed.

Jon Richardson Reviewed

Other very popular acts aside, this week Jon Richardson is “one of the biggest names we’ve had. Fresher’s is ten times better this year!” The words of one excited returning student echoed the sense of anticipation in a packed Venue 1 on Monday night. The stage looked great, with balloons adorning it and star-cloth hanging along the back, and despite the late start, no one was disappointed. If anything it just made the crowd more excited.