St Andrews Waffle Co.’s ‘Grab-N-Go’ Extension: Reviewed

Built on the former site of Mr Milano, the Grab-N-Go takeaway can be considered a spiritual successor to the former fry shop. Unlike its predecessor however, the Waffle Co’s newest addition has a plethora of options that include hot dogs, veggie burgers and truffle (yes truffle) pizza. In keeping with their waffle origins, the main dessert offering is the Hong Kong-style ‘Bubble Waffle’. As a Hong Kong resident and consistent consumer of said dessert, I was happy to hear that the recipe for the waffle was created by a Hong Kong-local based in Canada.

Belgians Do It Best

Despite it still being early in the semester, the stomach wants what it wants and Belgium is just a (rather large) stone’s throw away and there to fulfil all your foodie desires.