Box Clever: A Voice Seldom Heard

I went to the Edinburgh Fringe last summer for the first time, and while I was there, I wrote a lot of reviews. Because of that, I saw what most would consider an ungodly amount of theatre, most of which wasn’t very good. But when you roll the dice that many times, eventually you’ll end up with double sixes. Box Clever, by Monsay Whitney, is a play that sticks in the back of your throat like a word that you don’t want to say but feel like you have to. It’s rarer still to get to see a play you’ve seen at the fringe you actually liked soon after the fringe ends. But sometimes, you get lucky, and someone who you saw that play with thought so well of it that they wanted to do it themselves. Enter Hannah Ritchie, for whom Box Clever will be her swansong production in St Andrews, the last hurrah for someone whose career has been full of firsts and last hurrahs.

Christmas Ball Preview

Christmas is coming. Britain’s lack of a Thanksgiving to provide a bookend to the Christmas season means that it is only October 21st and I am already using the word ‘Christmas’ in a sentence without any trace of irony. God help us all. Fortunately though, I have the task of writing about Christmas Ball and not the shopping season madness, which is preferable by far.

Mermaids at the Fringe Festival

Although most of us have spent our summer away from the Bubble, Mermaids has been holding down the fort in order to prepare for this year’s Fringe Festival. In fact, people like Fringe Rep Lottie Barker have been working with these productions since January to sort out the oh-so-fun insurance, payment, and publicity details. In between all of that, she managed to squeeze us in for a chat about the upcoming festival.


After a delightful support act by St Andrews’ very own improv group Blind Mirth, back from their recent and successful Fringe run, we were introduced to WitTank. WitTank is a comedy sketch troupe of three individuals, Mark, Kieran and Naz, who are without shame and seem to have no qualms about humiliating themselves, especially when interacting with the audience, performing extended animal impersonations and breaking out into mad, bawdy interludes, (which went down a treat for the sloshed fresher audience).

Owl Eyes talks to WitTank

With three man strong sketch show WitTank set to tickle your funny bones this Monday, Owl Eyes were curious about what they had in store for us.  So we thought it was a good excuse to call them up for a chat about the trio and their sketches.