Cocktail of the Week: Liquid Cocaine

The tables at DONT WALK came equipped with Vodka, Redbull, and Champagne this year. Guests combined all the ingredients to make "liquid cocaine," a sexy twist on the traditional Vodka Redbull. Fun and energising, this concoction perfectly reflected the event's atmosphere, and kept us going all night! 

The Opening Ball in Review

The Kate Kennedy Club Charity Opening Ball has been described by some revellers as “Like a night at the Union, but more dressy.” However, this does the event a disservice. Amongst myself and fellow Freshers, a certain hype existed around the first proper black-tie event of the semester, which helped elevate occasion into something a bit more memorable than a Saturday at Sin City.  

Churchill And Pol Roger

The late Winston Churchill said of Pol Roger: “In victory I deserve it; in defeat, I need it.” For a man who experienced more defeats and victories than possibly any other figure in history, this certainly serves to explain his unprecedented consumption. Indeed, from overseeing one of the greatest military debacles of the First World War (which is saying something) at Gallipoli, to the unprecedented RAF victory in the Battle of Britain, Pol Roger was Churchill’s commiseration and celebration. In the Cabinet War Rooms, he kept a ready supply of his favourite vintage, 1928, to open on either occasion, while in the final ten years of his life, through electoral defeat and victory, an estimated 6000 bottles passed through his personal cellar.

Easy Hors D’Oeuvres for House Parties

When it comes to throwing a great house party in St Andrews, good friends, music and a lively atmosphere are all you really need. But, if you are looking to impress your guests with something extra, put some thought into the snacks you serve. Instead of buying premade dips and frozen mini pizzas from Tesco, why not try making some of these simple and delicious appetisers that everyone will love?

Top 5 Independent Food Shops in St Andrews

With a new Sainsbury's Local opening in St Andrews in time for summer, it is important to remember the many independent food retailers that fill the town. Although their products can be slightly more expensive than supermarket alternatives, it’s easy to forgive this when you realise the quality of the produce, the range and the advice the retailers have to offer. Here is a list of my top five independent food shops to persuade you to put down the Tesco basket and try something local.