Starfields 2017: Reviewed

The St Andrews Fashion Show’s annual Starfields concert is rarely unsuccessful and despite the usual groans of weather and pricing, this year’s event can be added to a long list of FS’s successes. As usual, if alcohol and a group of young adults are congregated in a festival-style event, people will always have a good time–even if it’s in a tiny town in Scotland in the middle of September.

What to Wear: Starfields 2017

Notably St Andrews’ “last hurrah” for the summer before reality sets in and we all have to get to work, Starfields is a great opportunity to get down to some class house music and get one last use out of that Hawaiian shirt.  Put on by the committee of the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show, known affectionately as FS, it’s a combination of music festival and booze-fueled garden party with plenty of glitter to go around – but not quite Glasto or Burning Man. So: what on earth do you wear? If you’re struggling with outfit inspiration and you don’t want to resort to chucking on your gap-year trousers (you know the ones) and a crop top last minute, look no further. Here are a few ideas for what to wear to Starfields.

FS: The full story

This is the most unusual review I have ever written. I have reviewed FS for 3 years now, I know what FS is capable of and I know what St Andrews expects of them. Last Saturday, the ultimate anti-climax  occurred (at least in the fours years I have been here). FS was forced to cancel its infamous fashion show. The stories have been blowing all over St Andrews (excuse the pun) but just in case this issue passed you by, the FS marquee had to be evacuated of all staff and committee members as the Scottish wind refused to relent.

YDA 2016: The Winner

Your votes have been counted. The judges final decision cast. We can reveal that the winner of the St. Andrews Fashion Show YDA Award is Elissa Grainger.

FS 2016: Reviewed

FS is one of the most anticipated events of the St. Andrew’s year. However, every year FS is faced with the controversial question: is the event really worth the hype?

FS 2016: What to Wear

With St Andrew’s Fashion Show season in full swing, having a countless number of outfit ideas is pretty important if you’re planning on hitting them all. Here are some suggestions from our Sartoriowl on the hottest looks for this season that you could sport to FS this weekend. As this isn’t a ball, we’ve opted for some different looks and there are no ball gowns in sight! Be brave at the fashion shows, the more creative you can be, the better.

Starfields 2015: Reviewed

This was the third year FS put on its musical event, Starfields. The music festival vibe has only gotten better with the years, and so has the music. This year headliners included Klingande and was an absolute favorite with everyone who attended. The festival has grown bigger since I was Fresher two years ago, but bigger is not always better: Lower College Lawn was far too cramped to accommodate everyone comfortably.

FS Reviewed

On Saturday night, FS kicked off the St Andrews fashion scene with this year’s show, Eyes Wide Shut. The large-scale charity fundraiser was brought back to Lower College Lawn for an evening of champagne, music, models, fashion and high spirits.FS2015Catwalk_EA-2