Nina Nesbitt Interview

Scottish born Nina Nesbitt, who has been gracing the airwaves of Radio 1 with her new single Boy, is kicking off her Scottish tour in St Andrews at the Barron (ticket info here).  Owl Eyes chatted to the upcoming star about her music, career and, well, Raisin!

Kissy Sellout

Kissy Sellout quite frankly put on an impressive show. He was as energetic in person as you’d expect and didn’t disappoint an eclectic mix of locals and student revellers present in Venue 1, which was surprisingly only about half full.  It was hard to believe Kissy was playing to a sell-out crowd. Pun intended.

The Games feat. Rudimental

The annual freshers Sinners Sport was once again upon us – always a night of hilarity. Whether you’re there to witness the Golf team eating chunks of soap as a forfeit for breaking their crazy rules, or the hockey girls in their creative outfits, Wednesday’s Sinners is never one to miss. And last night proved to be just as wild.

Down and Dirty at the Isle of Wight Festival

This summer I knew I wanted to go to a music festival and do something a little different at the same time. With this in mind, I found myself deep in mud in early June, wearing a ludicrously bright pink t-shirt and covered in face paint, campaigning for Oxfam at the Isle of Wight Festival and having the time of my life!

Freshers Week Events: Headphone Disco

Until I was asked to attend and cover last night’s Headphone Disco event at the Union, I had honestly never heard of silent dance parties. For those in my same situation, allow me to briefly describe this particular clubbing phenomenon. Visually, Headphone Disco is no different than any others of its sort: people are dancing, singing, and having a great time. The unique and highly interesting part, though, comes from the fact that to the outside observer, the room is entirely void of audible music. Upon entering the venue, everyone is given a set of headphones with the ability to listen to and switch between DJs, each playing a distinctively different style of music. From there, the rest is easy; choose your music, grab some friends, and put on your dancing shoes for a night of fun unlike any other.

On the Rocks: Echofield

You may recognize Echofield, as the winners of this year’s charity ‘St Andrews Got Talent.' The band consists of Josh Taylor, Charles Harrison, and Ben Holloway, a guitar and vocal three-piece who are steadily increasing recognition and popularity within St Andrews and further afield. Owl Eyes had the oppourtunity to speak to Josh Taylor, lead vocalist, to learn more about the band…

When KT Tunstall Climbed The West Port

I first saw KT Tunstall play in 2005 at Shepherd’s Bush Empire with two friends and my boyfriend at the time. It was a memorable experience, not only because we were the youngest people in the audience, but because we snuck in some McDonalds chips for our dinner and accidently knocked the remainders over the edge of the balcony, and they landed on someone's head. Luckily, the angry security guard believed us when we sat there, shaking our heads guiltily at the crumpled chip box being waved in front of us.