Holiday Highlights: Rhodes by Quad-Bike

Before returning to university, my mum and I decided that a week in Rhodes was the perfect end to such a relaxing summer break. We went at the end of August, which meant that we got a good deal price-wise, and were told that quad-biking was the best way to see the island, because we could do it independently and at our own pace. Unable to drive, I was a little disappointed at first about staying a passenger the whole time, but I soon realised that I was able to see and experience the island better than if I had been concentrated on the road ahead.

Holiday Highlights: Corfu

Prior to my trip, when I thought of Corfu I immediately pictured the party scene in Kavos, with crazy club nights and booze cruises. This may have appealed to me in my 6th year of high school but these days, I’m more of a cup of tea and bed by 11 kinda gal. So when my friend and I were looking for a cheap week in the sun we booked a hotel marketed as “small and friendly” in the beautiful resort San Stefanos in Corfu, which is about as far from Kavos as you can get whilst staying on the island.

Five post-graduation holidays

Graduation dates are out, accommodation is organised and post graduation meals booked. Sorted? Not quite. The post-graduation holiday is a must. You may want to aim for something a bit less trashy, and bit more classy than an Inbetweeners-esque A-Level results break. But where?