WorldWide ZooGuide

I worked at the National Zoo in Washington DC this summer, and three years ago I picked up kangaroo poop at Australia Zoo near Brisbane. I realized that I have prowled around more zoos as an adult than I care to admit, so here is my zoo guide to the best five zoological parks you should visit before you die. Zoo Lovers unite.

Raisin Recovery Guide

It doesn’t matter if you are a fourth year or a fresher, Raisin takes its toll. A weekend of heavy partying and early morning foaming is fantastically tiring. Here’s a quick guide to aid your recovery from the hangover of doom or to get you through those Raisin blues.

A Beginner’s Guide to David Lynch

Famed Hollywood writer and director, David Lynch, announced last week that his 1990’s crime drama Twin Peaks would be making a reappearance on the Showtime network in 2016. Lynch tweeted to his followers: “Dear Twitter friends… it is happening again #damngoodcoffee”.

Guide to Surviving The Fringe

This summer I decided to plunge even further into Scottish life and spend my time working a part time job in Edinburgh. Okay, it may have been more out of necessity after a depleted fresher bank account, but nonetheless it was an exciting new adventure.