10 Simple Productivity Tips for Students

Your friendly editor asked us to put together a short article for Owl Eyes readers about some of our best productivity tips for students. We try to make the world a more productive place over at  Asian Efficiency, and part of that is helping the next generation of up-and-comers get their time and schedules together.

Letters of Note: A Dying Art

The modern day has sadly resulted in letter writing becoming a dying art. Whilst the postman may still have a full sack of printed bills and formal communication, it becomes rare that when we hear the thump of the post through the letterbox in the morning, we are greeted with hand-written thoughts and personalised messages. Whether these are the romantic thoughts of long-distance lovers, words of condolence or simply the scribbles of a friend, there is something personal about that unique scrawl; its tangibility makes it all the more heartwarming than Times New Roman font, printed on pristine white factory paper.