April Favorites: What’s in Season

April, the beginning of spring. You’d be forgiven for thinking that with the change of seasons, we are now into our salad days, so to speak. Not so – luckily for us, this is a sweet spot for fresh ingredients. April still carries over some of my favourite ingredients from the end of winter – shellfish, dark leaves such as kale and spinach, and brassicas: broccoli and cauliflower. Additionally, the beginning of spring brings in lamb, spring onions, and watercress. Unfortunately for us students, these glorious ingredients also coincide with deadlines. Here’s a dinner idea which is as impressive as it is easy.

Snacks to Freeze

Craving something a little sweet during these deadlines? Want something you can stress-bake and then munch on for days? Then these recipes are for you: healthy takes on desserts to use as an alternative to granola bars.

Mastering the Art of a Healthy Holiday

When travelling, it can be hard to stay healthy. It takes extra effort to schedule regular exercise, and with so many new foods to try, self restraint tends to go out of the window. But when I spent a fortnight in Norway this summer, I was determined to make the trip a healthy one. It was not the sunniest of summer vacations, but the beautiful fjords and mountains more than made up for the Icelandic drizzle. To get a proper taste of the country, I traveled between four locations: Oslo, Bergen, Ålesund and Flåm. Here are my tips for making each stop a happy and healthy one!