Preview: The History Boys

This weekend, the nation’s favorite play is going up in the Byre Theatre: The History Boys. This play chronicles the life of a group of students as they revise for their Oxbridge entrance exams, and the teachers who help get them there. I got the chance to ask the director of this piece, Harrison Roberts, a few questions about why he loves the play so much and what the play means in a more modern context.

Books to travel with

A good book can place you into a culture without having been there, or enhance it further by travelling and recognizing what the authors meant when they were writing. Some of my favorite holidays have been made even better by having a good book by my side that gives me an authentic insight to the culture I’m experiencing.

Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off: Reviewed

The link between history and heritage was brought to the fore with much vitality in Alexander Gillespie’s production of Liz Lochead’s Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off. Praise for the opening night abounded and the second night of this show, put on as part of On the Rocks Festival, had a full house.