A Quiet Place: what everyone’s been shouting about

As a great lover of horror movies, it was with a jolt that I realised that A Quiet Place is the first horror movie I have seen in the cinema. And at first, I thought I’d made a huge mistake: the cinema was crawling with people. And this was supposed to be a film watched in silence, I was well aware. Perhaps I should have waited for it to come out on Netflix. I love horror. In the least pretentious way possible, I want a pure experience of a movie.

House of Horror: Preview

Halloween’s drawing near and so is one of October’s hottest events: House of Horror. The very first Halloween ball in St. Andrews is fully sold out and now coming to life. Owl Eyes interviewed Caitlin Craig, co-president to the event, to try and squeeze as many secret details, surprises, and expectations for the night out of her as possible.