House of Horror 2018: Wonka’s World Reviewed

Dubbed St Andrews’ premier Halloween event, the House of Horror Charity Gala has continued to spook and delight guests year upon year, relying mostly on its wacky themes and staple fairground ride. This year was no different to the rest – but is that such a good thing?

House of Horror 2017 Dreamland: Reviewed

This year House of Horror upped the ante with their Dreamland Amusement Park themed event. The ever trustworthy St. Andrews venue of Kinkell Byre was transformed into a replica of the greatest amusement park in history, Dreamland in Coney Island, New York. In 1911, a ride called Hell Gate burst into flames, rendering Dreamland no more by the morning. The Dreamland of 1911 had everything conceivable, from lion tamers and rail roads; and on 31st October 2017, House of Horror introduced new elements to their event such as fairground rides, carnival games and shots upon entry, bringing Dreamland back to life and making House of Horror 2017 the best yet.

House of Horror Launch Event Reviewed

Having sold out online in just a few days, all you could hear up and down our three streets was people either excited about the House of Horror launch party, or annoyed they hadn’t clicked that Fixr link and snapped one up. Everyone arrived with high hopes, anticipation and curiosity about what the spooky evening would entail. The event was the launch of the annual House of Horror Halloween event, which will be held in Kinkell Byre on October 31st in support of the Charity Impact Arts. After Tuesday night’s fun, the main event should not be one to miss.

House of Horror: Reviewed

House of Horror 2014 ran seamlessly from start to finish. Approaching the designated pick up spot, a double decker bus was already parked, loading a motley crew of various sexy kittens, axe murderers, pregnant nuns and zombie inmates. Driving off, another soon took its place and the remaining queue of guests who had spent that extra fifteen minutes fixing their costumes were on their way to the mysterious-sounding location, Kinkell Byre. The journey was swift, only taking about ten minutes; overall, the transport was managed flawlessly.

The Playlist: Week 7

Halloween is here and House of Horror offers the perfect opportunity to trick-or-treat in style for charity. The Hallows’ eve theme is spreading into the TV Show of choice as a new supernatural thriller ‘Intruders’ invades BBC2 this week. The film of choice is Brad Pitt at arguably his most macho in ‘Fury’ the war film that shows the violence of history. While at the other end of the spectrum lovers of ‘Girls’ will not be disappointed by Lena Dunham’s exposing memoir ‘Not That Kind of Girl’. And this week the Barron sees the return of the 2013 Fringe sell out show ‘This was the World and I was King’ alongside a workshop from the company.

House of Horror Preview

Autumn has fallen upon us and soon the ghosts and ghouls will come out for Halloween. St Andrews students can join in on the fun by attending House of Horror’s second annual charity gala on Thursday October 30 at Kinkell Byre. Unlike most other galas, there is no need for formal attire… but fancy dress is definitely encouraged! Following the smashing success of last year’s sold-out gala, this Halloween will be bigger, better, and more horrible than ever. The co-directors and committee have worked out any and all issues from last year, and will transform Kinkell into your worst nightmare filled with your favorite Halloween horrors. This House of Horror will also include unexpected surprises and new sponsors, so this night is certainly not to be missed! Due to popular demand, Staley Sharples will be DJing again and pumping the party up for when the clock hits midnight and Halloween begins.