House of Horrors is Back from the Grave

On a chilly October night, a week before Halloween, Kinkell Byre was completely transformed into something out of our Halloween dreams and nightmares. After the short bus ride out to Kinkell Byre, guests were taken into another world filled with cobwebs, gore, and general spookiness. Upon entering House of Horror: Back from the Grave, guests were greeted with blood shots (particularly potent vodka cranberries) and fake severed hands hanging from an awning, which is overall a perfect welcome to a Halloween party.

House of Horrors: Back from the Grave

It is finally that time of year! Autumn has well and truly settled in and heavier coats and scarves have been making their appearance all throughout town. And autumn means that it is (at last) time for Halloween!

The Return of House of Horrors

Everyone loves Halloween. It is a holiday where we can dress up and feel like kids again (and get drunk while doing it). On one of the first truly cold nights of the year, The Rule was transformed into something out of our Halloween dreams – especially given the utter lack of events on the holiday last year. Relaunched and revamped after its last event in 2014, House of Horrors is back in St Andrews to make Halloween spooktacular.

Should Television ‘Boldly Go’ a Little Further?

On the 22nd of November, 1968, Star Trek broadcasted the second ever televised interracial kiss- around four years after Britain’s soap opera Emergency- Ward 10 aired the first. Nichelle Nicols, who portrayed the iconic Uhura, recalled how William Shatner intentionally mucked up every take of the non-kiss version of the scene, at one point “wildly crossing his eyes”, until the director eventually gave up. “To hell with it. Let’s go with the kiss.”