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5 Things I Learned from Interning at Nike

I expected to be intimidated on my first day of work. Instead I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the college feel of the campus and the amount of sports' history showcased within 213 acres of Beaverton, Oregon. Overwhelmed by the friendliness of the people who would be my coworkers for the summer. And especially overwhelmed by how energetic I still was after my first 9 hour work day.

Get the Picture

The ONLY film I am thinking about this summer is The Great Gatsby. Not only is it based on arguably one of the greatest books in history but it stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan. There also already exists a good predecessor in Jack Clayton’s 1974 film starring Robert Redford. This film has a lot to live up to. But I will leave it to the end. First, some other blockbusters…

Top 5: Scottish Lochs

Lochs (n.b. not pronounced locks) should most definitely be on every Scottish Wanderer’s bucket list. If you’re blessed with fewer deadlines this half of the semester why not take a break from the beach to enjoy some alternative bonnie Scottish scenery. Or if those essays are still getting you down, just take your work on the road to a study setting even more stunning than St Mary’s Quad…

Au Pairing: Not Quite What It Says On The Tin

Other people’s kids are not my scene. Yet, as a modern language student, grand ideas of summer internships in the city or care-free jobs at festivals are overruled by the importance of work experience abroad to secure that 2:1. Volunteering opportunities abound at the Careers Centre, but last year as my bank account faltered and with Le Monde an unlikely, though ideal, work experience option, au pairing beckoned.  

A Local’s Guide to Moscow

I love trying to get a more authentic perspective on new places, I’ve always been the embarrassing tourist with a big camera and an even bigger map, who asks for directions to something like the Louvre while standing right next to it. I’ve now come to terms with my inner tourist, yet I was still mortified at being mistaken for a tourist when I moved back to Moscow, my hometown, after eight years of living abroad. So I took it upon myself to find that local Moscow, the fun, fascinating and often overlooked Moscow, and here’s what I found:

InterRailing: Banter on a Budget

With 4th Year upon me and the “real world” in sight I have decided that as a Social Anthropology student, having spent four years reading about other cultures it’s about time I actually go and experience them for myself.  This isn’t part of some “I never had a gap year” syndrome or “I want to be a carefree Arts student forever” rubbish, I promise. I just think it’s important to see a bit of the world  and so that’s what I plan to do! My mother approves greatly of this not getting a job and going travelling instead plan, I mean is that not what I’ve spent the past four years at university for?  

Down and Dirty at the Isle of Wight Festival

This summer I knew I wanted to go to a music festival and do something a little different at the same time. With this in mind, I found myself deep in mud in early June, wearing a ludicrously bright pink t-shirt and covered in face paint, campaigning for Oxfam at the Isle of Wight Festival and having the time of my life!

Siesta to Fiesta: Au Pairing in Madrid

Remember that feeling of going back to primary school after the Christmas holidays, chuffed to bits with new books, Barbies or basketballs, only to have your bubble swiftly burst by your classmate (who Santa evidently loved more) clutching a Gameboy Colour or riding a BMX through the gates? Sometimes going back to class in St Andrews after summer can provoke a similar feeling – only now we’ve moved on from toys and are more concerned with how everyone has spent the long summer away from the Bubble. It’s a regular sight in September to see people arrive in their tutorial chatting happily about a summer spent at an obscure local music festival, a cheap holiday in Europe or a visit to friends abroad. Happy that is, until a flurry of chatter about city internships, transatlantic trips, African treks and teaching in Asia comes flooding at them from the other corners of the seminar room.