The List: 5 Cosy Autumn Reads

Though the days are creeping shorter, it isn’t winter yet. But it is autumn and autumn is the season when it gets windy, rainy and you want to do anything but study – so it’s also the perfect season to catch up on a bit of reading. Not the reading we’re all so bored of, of essays and papers and textbooks. Of books. Real books. It’s the perfect season to put on your pjs and snuggle up in bed, maybe even with a mug of hot chocolate, and definitely with an old paperback. Here are five cosy autumn reads to help you through those cold days.

Cookie Monster: Baklava

My 'To Make' is divided into two distinct categories. One is for recipes I stumble upon on which really whet my appetite, which includes straight-foward, practical recipes like Ginger Scallion Noodles or Moroccan Red Lentil Soup. While useful, this category is not nearly as satisfying, or exciting, as the other more terrifying category — Things Everyone Must Make At Least Once.