A Cappella Christmas Concert: Reviewed

At the earlier time of 3:30pm (whether this is to avoid collision with Christmas Ball pres is up for debate), the Acapella Society committee scheduled a holiday bonanza this year. All six St Andrews groups performed alongside worldwide hit, Trinity College Dublin’s The Trinitones, following their successful US-tour and having gained 23 million views on their viral video of a George Ezra medley. This event, supporting Music in Hospitals & Care Scotland (MiHC), helped not only to boost the town’s morale in the longer, darker nights, but also to raise much-needed funds for a charity whose “live musical sessions are designed to humanise clinical settings, to reach and connect people, to encourage communication and meaningful interactions and to elicit emotions and memories when it matters most.”

Escape the Bubble: Welcome to the Night Vale Live reviewed

In the conventionally gothic venue of the Queens Hall in Edinburgh was set the second show of ‘Welcome to Night Vale’s UK and Ireland tour titled The Investigators. The venue was the perfect setting for the dystopian podcast with the ideal mix of Victorian architecture and space for those to attend. Walking in you were instantly engulfed by a mixture of fans and fans. People wandered around sporting the traditional Night Vale colours of varying shades of purple and violet, whilst others wore their portrayals of the characters. Some even had the third eye sketched upon their foreheads (associated with the almost magical ability to perceive more then what is normally seen within the limitations of normal sight, and also correspondent with many fans interpretations of the iconic radio host).

Dylan Moran: Reviewed

On a strange Saturday morning whim I decided to buy tickets to see Dylan Moran the following Wednesday in Dundee. Having watched all of Black Books far too many times (and definitely from a younger age than I should have been allowed), I was keen to see how the Edinburgh-based Irish comedian could entertain a live audience. Having taken a break since 2011, Off the Hook is his newest stand up show, and Dundee was the first night of his very long 50-night tour that takes him all over the UK.

More Light: Reviewed

Acted in an appropriately claustrophobic Barron theatre, Bryony Lavery's More Light promised to be a challenging play. Its script is didactic and declamatory. Additionally, the narrative is highly unconventional and unsettling, based around a group of imprisoned concubines resorting to cannibalism to survive. These two facts alone make great demands on the performers and the audience. So I thoroughly commend both the audacious vision of director Michael Laird and the obvious skill of those with whom he was working, actors, set and costume designers and animators alike. Yes, you read that right, animators. One of the most striking and well executed pieces in the play was the elegant opening animation provided by Ekaterina Andreev. Though marred by the sub-Enya soundtrack, it set the scene with a series of suitably Sinic line drawings. Most interestingly, this segment was a great example of how other media might be incorporated into the theatre.

Nina Nesbitt Interview

Scottish born Nina Nesbitt, who has been gracing the airwaves of Radio 1 with her new single Boy, is kicking off her Scottish tour in St Andrews at the Barron (ticket info here).  Owl Eyes chatted to the upcoming star about her music, career and, well, Raisin!