The Playlist: Week Seven

It’s week seven and time to dust off your dust sheets with Halloween on the horizon. Bond is back this week as Craig graces our screens once more in ‘Spectre’. While Sam Smith’s theme might leave a lot to be desired, the new 007 film is set to meet the high standards of its predecessor ‘Skyfall’. Also, returning to the screen is British favourites Ian McKellen and Anthony Hopkins in the BBC TV adaptation of Ronald Harwood’s play ‘The Dresser’. ‘The Dresser’ centres on the head of a Shakespearean theatre company (Hopkins) and his stage hand (McKellen) as they struggle to perform King Lear during the worst days of the Blitz in WW2. Back for another instalment is the Live Lounge hosted by Music is Love and STAR with a line-up of student musicians to enjoy with a coffee in Rectors this Thursday. New to the Barron is student-written play ‘Miracle Material’ which tells the story of Nat caught in a media storm and storm of different opinions after a freak accident. Also new this week is Colum McCann’s collection of short stories ‘Thirteen Ways of Looking’. Each of the three stories focuses on time in the present, memory and in anticipation through a missing child, a struggling writer and a nun suffering from dementia.

Luke Sital-Singh: Review and Interview

The Rector’s Café was busy as usual on a Friday afternoon – friends gossiping, heads buried in books, a few flirting with their espressos. The anticipation of the weekend fluttered through the air as the bright gray light began to fade outside. I waited anxiously for him to arrive. Luke Sital-Singh is one of my favorite singer-songwriters of all time and has been a staple of my “Recently Played” playlist for years. He was here to promote his new EP “The Breakneck Speed of Tomorrow.” Dark-haired, with a mix of Indian and Jamaican heritage, the South West Londoner with a Welsh background arrived at 4:45 PM in an Audi with just his tour manager and guitar. Wearing a cerulean blue peacoat over a light gray t-shirt reading “je t’aime” underlined by an infinity sign, and black jeans with New Balance sneakers, he walked into the Union and was met by Chris MacRae, the Director of Events and Services. He did a sound check, which, for anyone not planning on staying for his performance, must have caused a change of mind; all the while, I sat, fidgeting and shaking my leg out of eagerness, waiting to interview him.

The Lumsden Club Secret Garden Party : Reviewed

Let me start by saying, having heard reviews from friends last year about SGP I was a little apprehensive about going. I needn’t have been. The night begun with an excited crowd of boho clad students, being whisked away on a school type bus to the Cambo estate. Greeted by two live cows, fairy lights and free crisps (thanks to Piper’s, a very well chosen sponsor in my view) I knew I was in for a good night.

The Live Lounge @ Rectors Cafe

The Live Lounge is the latest offering from the Music is Love and Star Radio collaboration. Broadcast from Rectors on Thursday evenings, offering a unique platform to showcase the wealth of talent in St. Andrews. The Live Lounge has been an idea long in the making; we spoke to Amy Hill, the Live Lounge’s presenter to find out more.

OTR: Music, Art and Earth Review

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, daffodils are blooming, and students are spread out on lawns across town. Spring is in the air. To this lovely Wednesday afternoon On the Rocks brought Music, Art and Earth, hosted by the Art Society, the A Cappella Society, and Transition. The event was held at the Botanic Gardens during the afternoon with flowerpots for decorating, seeds for planting, and featured musical performances by a number of St Andrews’ wonderfully talented a cappella groups.

Review: MiL presents On the Rocks Opening Night

On the Rocks has officially kicked off with Music is Love hosting the opening night party in the Byre Theatre.  After entering and receiving my wristband for the ticketed bands, I was offered a canvas tote band with the program for On the Rocks which included a schedule of all the events for the next two weeks and leaflets for businesses that helped sponsored the festival.

Under Canvas Launch Reviewed

If any of you were wondering what that strange sound was last night coming from the direction of 1 Golf Place, it was the sound of Under Canvas 2015 officially kicking off. For £3, we got a small but very sweet taste of what to expect on April 25th. If you missed out, be sure to get yourself to ticket sales because if last night was any indication, it will undoubtedly be a night to remember.

Music is Love Open Mic: Reviewed

With the mid-week blues and housing stress getting me down, I decided to go out on Wednesday; but I wanted to try something new rather than just your standard night at the Union, so I decided to switch things up and went to the Open Mic hosted by Music is Love at their brand spanking new location, The Byre Theatre.