DRA Ball, typically the largest of the hall balls with a huge budget, took place last weekend on Lower College Lawn, bringing the first of the more typical black-tie events for second semester. With free sweets upon entry and huge resident/non-resident ticket sales, anticipation built for a party that famously (verging on infamously) promises good music and good times. The tent was decorated almost as if you were looking through a blue Pablo, and the Atlantis-esque theme with Grecian statues proved understated decoration – after all, you never want to go too overboard on a zany theme for a standard black-tie ball.

FS: The full story

This is the most unusual review I have ever written. I have reviewed FS for 3 years now, I know what FS is capable of and I know what St Andrews expects of them. Last Saturday, the ultimate anti-climax  occurred (at least in the fours years I have been here). FS was forced to cancel its infamous fashion show. The stories have been blowing all over St Andrews (excuse the pun) but just in case this issue passed you by, the FS marquee had to be evacuated of all staff and committee members as the Scottish wind refused to relent.

A Sneak Peak at Opening Ball

It is a universally acknowledged fact in St Andrews that when the semester is finally in full swing it must be time for a ball, enter the Kate Kennedy Club and set the stage for Opening Ball.

Starfields 2016: St Andrews Style Festival

What makes a festival? Look it up in an Oxford dictionary and you will find, ‘a festival oriented towards music that is sometimes presented with a theme such as musical genre, nationality, or locality of musicians, or holiday.’ Did Starfields do this definition justice? Well, they made a solid effort to replicate the characteristics of a music festival; day drinking, outdoor live music, food vans and the heady mix of flower crowns and glitter that festival-goers adorn.

What to Wear: Starfields 2016

Bright blue skies are predicted, you’ve stored up a small amount of energy after freshers to hit the town one more time, but what are you going to wear? Take a moment to glance at your wardrobe. Angrily stomp around the room for a minute. Ponder whether ASOS can deliver in a day if you wish REALLY REALLY hard. Then take a look at this.

FS 2016: Reviewed

FS is one of the most anticipated events of the St. Andrew’s year. However, every year FS is faced with the controversial question: is the event really worth the hype?

Masquerade Ball: Reviewed

In an “everyone knows everyone” town such as St. Andrews, famed for its awkward meetings in Tesco and Starbucks, the Masquerade Ball provided the opportunity, for one evening at least, to slip under the veil of anonymity. Held in the sweeping grounds of Lower College Lawn, the secret and clandestine nature of the Ball promised a night of fun for all.

Opening Ball: Reviewed

It’s safe to say that this year’s Opening Ball was a resounding success. As a second year student I returned with a certain degree of apprehension; unsure if the event would live up to my expectations having had such a fantastic time last year. Thankfully, I am glad to say that I was not disappointed!

Starfields 2015: Reviewed

This was the third year FS put on its musical event, Starfields. The music festival vibe has only gotten better with the years, and so has the music. This year headliners included Klingande and was an absolute favorite with everyone who attended. The festival has grown bigger since I was Fresher two years ago, but bigger is not always better: Lower College Lawn was far too cramped to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Under Canvas 2015: Reviewed

If you were wondering about the strange noises coming from Lower College Lawn last night, that was the sound of 650 people having an awesome time. Once again, Under Canvas showed St Andrews that they’ve got the recipe for a good night all figured out. I was initially a little nervous about the change of venue from the usual spot at St Mary’s, but I quickly realized that we had nothing to worry about.